by Lucinda Poulsen

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I created four pieces which I wanted to turn into banners. I was inspired after experiencing Tate Moderns performance/installation: Tate Tanks whilst studying A Level Graphic Design.

There are three oil tanks at the foundation of the Tate Modern which provide a unique raw industrial space to display artists installations, as well as performances and film.

I loved my experience inside the tanks, it felt dark and isolated whilst at the same time feeling busy and chaotic. The only lights came from screens and lazors which kept me focused on every form of art. It was nice to walk through numerous artists work and for it to feel so connected. Unlike a normal art gallery it wasn’t quite and clinical, (apart from the art) we were able to talk and I felt comfortable in the space. I took the opportunity with a few of my fellow peers and created art and movement through our own bodies. It was fun to feel we combined with the work surrounding us.

I put everything into these pieces that I felt inside the performance/installations: chaotic, freedom, active, vibrant, released. I used various mediums including ink, acrylic, acetate, felt tips and images.

The desire for self-expression afflicts people when they feel there is something of themselves which is not getting through to the outside world.

– Fay Weldon