by Lucinda Poulsen

Hector Sos

Lucinda Poulsen

Graphics Unit based on Covert and Obscure. This particular experimentation is inspired by Hector Sos who created a series called “Paper Faces”.

Hector Sos’ collection links well with obscurity, you are not able to identify the person behind the paper and almost all of the models are against a blank background wearing white t-shirts. Their hair is the only distinctive feature on each individual. Whether you’re able to see part of a body or not it doesn’t help you establish any personal characteristics, this is because I believe an individuals face is always unique and facial expressions say a lot about ones self.

The paper could represent the models personalities or just feelings in general. The way he has used the paper suggests an emotion to me, the one to the right feels more calm and collected. There is more movement and reminds me of a flowing waterfall.Then below the spikeyness of the one on the left conveys anger as if a warning to stay clear, it is a lot less inviting.

His intention was to link the use of Creator Vol role, a role for the publishing industry as natural, vivid and close, hence the relationship and metaphor that between paper and face. From this idea and the need to show the qualities of the paper in a four-color printing process is a series of distinctive structures made with paper covering the face of the different models.